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From Wales UK

  • 1.  From Wales UK

    Posted 07-15-2021 11:39
    Hi everyone I didnt realise this was an American forum is it okay for me to take part?

    Viv Rosser

  • 2.  RE: From Wales UK

    Posted 07-16-2021 06:34

    I can't speak to the treatment of your condition, others may be able to respond, but I can tell you that it definitely is perfectly fine that you participate on this forum from Wales or anywhere.  By the way, Wales is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been in my 71 years.

    Aside from what you hear from people here, I think you need to seek out another medical opinion from an expert in dealing with aneurysms, someone with more experience or knowledge than whoever originally advised you.  With all the amazing medical advances if recent years, it's difficult for me to accept that there is absolutely nothing that anyone can do to fix an otherwise fixable condition because of it being an extra centimeter larger.

    Best of luck and please keep us posted on developments .


    Ira Reid
    Hoboken NJ

  • 3.  RE: From Wales UK

    Posted 07-16-2021 20:10
    Yes, please do seek an additional opinion or more as advised by Ira.  There are vast difference in the knowledge and capabilities of Medical Doctors similar to the differences that exist in other fields.  Good luck in getting your aorta fixed.

    Ed M

  • 4.  RE: From Wales UK

    Posted 07-16-2021 20:21
    Also, you might try to find out why you were seen as a high risk patient.  Sometimes major operations won't be attempted due to things like kidney or liver disease.  Even if that is the case, there may be other options available or assessments to be made.

    Ed M