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Losartan vs. Candesartan.

  • 1.  Losartan vs. Candesartan.

    Posted 01-03-2021 21:50

    I have a TAA of about 4.6cm and I'm taking Candesartan to keep blood pressure low but every time I read about other with TAA they are getting Losartan so what is the difference and what is best for a TAA.

    Christian Nielsen

  • 2.  RE: Losartan vs. Candesartan.

    Posted 01-16-2021 15:12
    please discuss this with your cardiologist.

    Marilyn Rosenhouse
    Dallas TX
    (214) 850-0219

  • 3.  RE: Losartan vs. Candesartan.

    Posted 01-17-2021 07:12
    Stop worrying about what medications other people are taking. There are many different medications out there for heart disease. Your Cardiologist knows all aspects of your heart condition and has chosen a treatment regimen he/she feels best for your needs. It's okay to ask why a specific medication was prescribed but don't assume that you should be taking a specific medicine just because others do.

    I have a very long list of issues with my heart. My Cardiologist prescribed a treatment regimen for me, and each time I see him, we review how well things are going and if necessary make changes. When other doctor ask how it is I'm still alive after 14 years, I can chalk it up to my Cardiologists overall treatment, especially medications. Very few doctors prescribe the same medications for my friends with similar conditions. Trust your doctor.