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Zoll Life Vests

  • 1.  Zoll Life Vests

    Posted 04-06-2020 17:42

          Anyone out there wear one of these Zoll Life Vests?  The one I wear is causing a skin irritation on my chest and back.  Also, when the electrodes don't make contact with the skin, the device signals "Treatment Delayed"!   I've had to ask Zoll to replace two of the units because the batteries don't make good contact with the device.   I can't say I give these devices very high marks.   Have any of you had a bad experience with these devices?

    Bill Tully
    tully & company
    Irving TX

  • 2.  RE: Zoll Life Vests

    Posted 04-06-2020 18:29
    Hi Bill!
    Yes I had to wear one for 2 months straight.
    In the sweltering heat of Florida. Never take it off. Only shower for 2 minutes.
    What a pain in the ....beeep.
    If the contacts aren’t sticking you can clean them and put them back on after they are dry.
    Zoll is not helping you? That sounds wrong to me. They should be VERY supportive and if the battery isn’t functioning properly talk to your doctor and Zoll. Maybe on a three-way call. Someone at Zoll has to help you. It’s their equipment and if it’s not functioning properly it’s THEIR responsibility. If someone is giving you the run around speak with someone in a higher tier. They built their company on service to the patient. Fuckers. How dare they not listen to you when you have to wear this thing that feels like a bomb around you and could go off. Okay I vented. But seriously if the battery is not functioning properly what good is the vest?
    Don’t take it laying down. Demand they replace it with a functioning model!


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  • 3.  RE: Zoll Life Vests

    Posted 04-07-2020 11:39
    Yes Bill I wore one for 2 years. I am also a Zoll Savior, I went into De-fib and it went off saving my life.I always had great support from Zoll, in fact I was fussed at when I went out of town and forgot the charger and extra battery. I was supposed to call them  and they would have arranged for me to borrow one till I got back home.
    They said they would have shipped me one from the nearest place which would have been 60 miles a way special delivery,and if need someone would have driven it up to me so I had it that night. I was told that if something had happened and I died  they would have been partly responsible.
     If you are not getting support from Zoll talk to their up line manager, You are probably wearing it because of the chance of De-fib, if so it needs to be always functioning in case you do go into De-fib and Die like I did. Bottom line REMIND them It's your life at risk, and ask them if they really want to be Responsible to your family.
      Ken Ragan Mended Hearts of Cabarrus #397
    9/13  Zoll survivor, 10/13  Heart & Liver recipient.

    Ken Ragan
    Accredited Visitor
    Mended Hearts of Concord
    Concord N.C.

  • 4.  RE: Zoll Life Vests

    Posted 04-07-2020 12:59
    Bill, I had a Zoll vest for a few months: no problem with the vest itself that I was aware of.
    At the time I was using it, I was having home health care assistance and one bath aide was pretty sure I didn't have to take it off to shower. I did anyway. Soon after I hooked up with a different set of home health care providers and their bath aides got it right. When I went into the hospital for surgery for an LVAD I had a return shipping box to Zoll. The vest was waiting for me in my hospital room after I got out of the ICU. The box left the room well before I did.

    Ollie Wilgress
    MH Chapter 382
    Bellingham WA