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TAVR + Pacemaker and BPressure is still very low?

  • 1.  TAVR + Pacemaker and BPressure is still very low?

    Posted 05-30-2019 15:11
    I'm new here and I'm hoping I'm posting this in the correct forum.  My dad has had low blood pressure in the morning especially for a year or so.  They determined he needed a Stent (about a month ago).  Then he had TAVR for a valve about 2 weeks ago.  The next day his BP was still erratic so they put in a pacer.  He's been home now for about 10 days and has been in twice to adjust the pacer because his BP is still very very low in the morning.  He's weak,sort of confused, and lightheaded.   I read that pacers need to be adjusted to get the settings correct. but it seems that things are worse after each adjustment.

    Is all this adjustment " normal"?  Is it possible the wrong type of pacer was used or that it needs to be replaced?  is there anything he can do that would help his BP go up before he gets going in the morning? (like an exercise or something?)

    Mary Mc
    Las Vegas NV