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My heart has just been mended

  • 1.  My heart has just been mended

    Posted 22 days ago

    Hi everyone

    I found out I have a bicuspid valve and aortic aneurysm about 4 years ago while living in Southern California. As it worsened, I got too scared to go through such a huge surgery without my family so I moved back to Ohio to get it done at Cleveland Clinic last year. 

    i had my surgery on March 10 and had complete heart block after surgery. Ended up staying in ICU for ten days and ultimately got a pacemaker as well.

    I thought in the four years I had to prepare, I was all ready, but nothing went as planned of course and I had not planned on the mental/emotional toll this would take on me at all. What an experience.

    Im happy to have found this group. I've been home for three days recovering and processing what I just went through. Happy to meet you all.

    Columbus Ohio

    Christy Smith
    associate creative director

  • 2.  RE: My heart has just been mended

    Posted 21 days ago
    Welcome home, Christy.  Know that this group is your home as well as your home in Ohio, because we all are you brothers and sisters.

    I hope you visit often and grow to love this site and these people as much as I have in the nearly three years since I discovered the site.


    Ira Reid
    Hoboken NJ