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Post-surgery side effects

  • 1.  Post-surgery side effects

    Posted 12-06-2020 13:10
    My sister-in-law, who had a mitral valve repair, as did I, remarked the other day that, ever since, she's had diminished sense of smell and taste, which I had not. Her operation was well before COVID, so that's not it, and we were wondering if others have experienced something similar.
    Bob Levin
    Berkeley, CA

  • 2.  RE: Post-surgery side effects

    Posted 12-06-2020 13:42
    I do not know about the loss of smell but I had my sense of taste altered after my CABG. It turned out to be the medications I was on at the time. It returned after I stopped the pain meds. 
    Have her read through the paperwork that comes with all the medications and check the side effects section of them. Many medications can have sensory issues related to them.
    I hope this helps. 

    Richard Short 
    Chapter 395
    Do not rule out covid without her having had a test.