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My recent bypass surgery

  • 1.  My recent bypass surgery

    Posted 04-07-2021 20:52
    At 2AM on March 15th, I experienced the worst chest pain of my life. I was in Birmingham, AL and I went to the ER and an EKG confirmed a heart attack in progress.  The Cath team was summoned and they tried to treat with stents.  After that, I was told by the heart surgeon who had been called in that I needed bypass surgery.  I hemmed and hawed until the surgeon halted me and said it had to be done NOW.  I consented and four people pulled me to the OR on a gurney.  And they RAN all the way.  Everything went well and today I am back in my Florida home  recovering. Back to Birmingham for a second follow-up with the surgeon on 4/14. It was a surreal experience since I had no indication of heart disease and I have a many years history of running and exercising.  My Cholesterol numbers have been excellent and remain so.  Plus, there is no genetic connection.  Just goes to show that whatever we may do and no matter how we try to eat a heart-healthy diet, heart disease can still strike.

    Rosemary Beach FL 32461

    jeff webb
    rosemary beach FL

  • 2.  RE: My recent bypass surgery

    Posted 04-08-2021 08:11
    Hi Jeff

    You are doing very well indeed and your team in Birmingham saved your
    life, as you know.?? It's early days in your recovery and needing CABG is
    certainly a shock for one like you who's taken good care of yourself.??
    Stay in touch as perhaps you will have questions as you get back on your
    feet.?? Open heart surgery takes a while, longer than you think, to resolve.

    Best wishes


  • 3.  RE: My recent bypass surgery

    Posted 04-08-2021 09:02
    Dear Jeff
    What a scary experience you had bri g away from home when this happened and how fortunate you are to have gotten such competent help so quickly.   Yes, the shock of this unexpected life threatening time in your life will take a while to emotionally recover from.   Please know that your good health habits gave you a better chance at physical recovery.  i recommend that you let people help you and in turn, you will again be able to help others.  Thanking G-d each day for giving you a new day is also helpful

    Marilyn Rosenhouse
    Dallas Tx

  • 4.  RE: My recent bypass surgery

    Posted 04-08-2021 09:23
    As an epidemiologist on the next exercise to me in cardio-rehab pointed out, slightly more than half the people who have a heart attack had no apparent pre-existing risk factors. Which means not having any pre-existing risk factors is, itself, a risk factor.


    Bob] Levin
    Berkeley CA

  • 5.  RE: My recent bypass surgery

    Posted 04-08-2021 10:39
    Very good point. Thanks for putting a number to it. 

    Doris Edwards
    Retired RN
    Dublin, Ohio