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Ablation recovery

  • 1.  Ablation recovery

    Posted 12-31-2019 18:10
    Hi everybody,

    I'm interested in hearing people's stories about recovering from ablation.  I had mine last Friday and I got a bonus night in the hospital as my white count was up and my red was down.  I'm still feeling really worn out.  I'd like to know how long it took you to recover and if you felt the procedure was worth it.

    Amy Erickson
    Portland OR

  • 2.  RE: Ablation recovery

    Posted 01-01-2020 07:47
    Hi Amy, I want to thank you for sharing your journey through heart disease.
    I have afib, and the last time I had a episode my wonderful cardiologist partner recommenced I get a ablation.
    My doctor was on call.
    I have an appointment to see my doctor on Jan
    If my doctor, thinks it is time for me to get a ablation I will seriously consider it!
    Right now, I have been doing a lot of research.
    Hearing from patients like you, really helps!
    They have been managing my afib with meds and cardio conversions.
    Anything you can share with me, will be helpful!
    Our next guest speakers at our monthly support meeting, are a team consisting of a cardiologist and surgeon.
    They are going to do a seminar on afib.
    They are from Florida University .
    Again, thank you for sharing your story!
    Bev Goldstein
    Chapter 333
    The Villages , Fl

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  • 3.  RE: Ablation recovery

    Posted 01-01-2020 14:17
    I've had two ablations, both with overnight stays.Took about a month to get up to speed, but with the last one was back riding with my bike club on 20 mile trips.
    Mike McCalley

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  • 4.  RE: Ablation recovery

    Posted 01-02-2020 05:04
    Hi  Amy , Sorry to hear  that  your  Ablation is  seemingly  not   as  good  as it could be,...   I had  a previous  history  of  aortic  dissection and  Vascular  issues  causing   me to be limited in  walking and  getting exercise  Afib was for me a biproduct....  which was  diagnosed in 2016/early 17   I was already  taking  a  Cocktail of   Medications   for  the other issues  High blood pressure and reducing   the "slamming effect of  My heart beat (not good for  the  anuerysm/dissection  BUT  was  still only taking  3  baby aspirin at  that  time  I was  swapped over to  Pradaxa  ($$$) which is one  of the   3  Anticoagulants of the  "New   era"  however  at the time   Pradaxa  was the only one of  the 3  that had  a reversal  agent  ( IF one  needed  emergency surgery   there was a way to  settle the potential bleeding  to a minimum ....however  at this time  Eliquis    also  can be slowed  down  quickly....  I am now on  it in fact  because  my insurance prefers  Warafin or coumaden  which  are   more difficult   to deal with ....)  anyway  I had   NO less  then 6  cardioversions   to no avail started   where  I would  revert to a normal rythem   but   go into  afib   in short  order again, to  Not even  being able to be converted...and  I was in  Afib  constantly  24/7  for  a  year  and a half... The date of  September  5th 2017   I  was in  for an Overnighter  For  a  cath  Ablation,  arrived  at  5:45   am  and was taken in  at about 9   I was  the 1st one in the office  and   was taken  only after    they did  like 15  Cardioversions (UGH)   I wish  they  told me....  anyway   The   Ablation  was  anticipated   to be  a  bit more  then the typical or   simple  one,  and   Ended up   more   extensive ( according  to the doctor)  then he  expected ,  I   was   pushed into  My  room   at  9:15  PM  from  the recovery area,  simply  to Keep and  Eye   overnight  to make  sure  I was 'Good"  since  That  Time  I've  Monitored   My  BP  and  heart rate and  have  no signs   at this point  of  any  further afib  incidents  (success,  for now.....)   my  recovery process was  pretty  simple and 3 months  Post  ablation I saw the doctor and  he was  pleased , he reminded me  that the  Inner   Heart   was  surgically altered  and  Definately needed  TIME   to recoup and  heal,  and   one  needed  to realize    how  much   was  done  to it   (Much less in MY own  case).      each of us  is inherantly  each  of  us has the same thing  yet  we  have it in differant forms, for differant reasons   caused  by  differant issues  or "hampered"  by  differant aspects of our  lives  and Physical being  one of the   things  about  a group Like this  is  that  you  read  and  realize  almost  every  case is  differant  a   differant cause  or  Outcome ....     As   far as  Your  White  cell count   did they figure out  what  was going on ,  what happened  ?   If  your    still  feeling  less the 98%   call   them  and  let them know !!     I dont know   That I would  recommend    everyone    go  get an ablation    unless  Like me   your  Afib is  affect or  was  affecting yout  total  quality of life,....  If you   cardiovert  and   remain   in good  shape  for a  period of   time I dont   know,   Too many  potential  variables   and  while mine has been great  since  Having it done  nothing  Guarentees it  will   stay  stable either   :)

    Jim Sanquedolce

  • 5.  RE: Ablation recovery

    Posted 02-15-2020 21:52
    Hi Amy,
    I just had my 2nd ablation 02/13/2020. I'm wanting to get outside and do things. I have to tell myself that I should follow my orders and lay low and heal. Take care of yourself and heal. I don't know how long it will take before I'm back to normal activities but I need to heal first. I'm actually feel that I've been through quite an ordeal with my body. Eat good things, rest,relax and take it easy. I'm very happy about having done this. Respectively---- Richard Danks

    Richard Danks
    Evergreen, Colorado