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lower chest pain

  • 1.  lower chest pain

    Posted 07-21-2018 18:20
    After 8 weeks I have started cardiac rehab. After the second visit i started having cramp-like
    pains in my solar plexus area. Anybody think this is something to be concerned about?

    Paul Benoit
    CABGx5 Guy
    Apopka Florida

  • 2.  RE: lower chest pain

    Posted 07-22-2018 06:47

    While I don't know the cause of your discomfort, or the circumstances that gave rise to it, l can share my own experience, which may prove of interest.  I experienced discomfort around the solar plexus at 12 weeks after being cleared for increased exercise by my cardiologist.  The first time it happened, I was at cardio rehab and was given a weight exercise that involved lying on my stomach.  I felt soreness in the solar plexus area immediately and later that evening, but it was gone the next day.  I also experienced some soreness in the area doing very light deadlifts around the same time.  I stopped doing the deadlifts and the discomfort went away.  Around a month later, I tried deadlifts again, much heavier this time, and had no problem whatsoever.

    What I do know is that it takes a very long time for the sternum to heal completely, and different or new exercises may cause discomfort in the area, including the solar plexus, if you are not quite ready for them yet.  The solar plexus is filled with nerves.  You should describe what happened to your cardiologist but, if what I described was similar to your experience, you probably just need to adjust your exercise program with your physical therapist for now.  In time, you will be able to more exercise without pain.

    Good luck on your recovery,


    Ira Reid
    Hoboken NJ