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Is my doctor sure about my heart health?

  • 1.  Is my doctor sure about my heart health?

    Posted 03-23-2021 13:23
    Call me a hypochondriac if you will but I am concerned that because I am female and have not had a heart attack that my cardiologist is not really looking at all the information on my tests.  I have had 2 Cardiac PET scans, several echocardiograms.  I have angina at rest and on exertion.  I have been diagnosed with mild pulmonary hypertension and have mild mitral and tricuspid valve regurgitation.  Is there anyone who would look at the test I have had done and offer a second opinion?  I am 65 and 3 years ago my 1st cousin of the same age dropped dead talking on her phone in the kitchen.  She had also been told she had no heart issues.  I have a very unhealthy family history of cardiac disease.  I just feel that something may be going on that the doctor is not recognizing.  I have never had a heart cath-the dr. feels it would be too invasive.  Any ideas, thoughts or suggestions would be very much appreciated.  Thanks and have a good day.

    Brenda Fuller
    Hernando FL

  • 2.  RE: Is my doctor sure about my heart health?

    Posted 03-23-2021 16:41
    Brenda ~ I'm sorry you are struggling with lingering doubt and suspicion. I can relate. Had a comprehensive physical and received a clean bill of health. 2 weeks later I was hospitalized with severe heart disease. It's easy to lose confidence sometimes. In my opinion, the only path forward for you is to follow your instinct and get a second opinion from a Cardiologist you have confidence in. Get recommendations then seek the best out for a second opinion. And yes, any good doctor will evaluate the records and give you a second opinion. Make sure there is no relationship between your current cardiologist and the new.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes


  • 3.  RE: Is my doctor sure about my heart health?

    Posted 03-24-2021 14:43
    Hi Brenda
    Strongly agree with Warren that you get second reading of your test results.  They indicate a problem; you are not a hypochondriac.  Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic do this all the time. You don't  have to ask for a particular physician or need a referral. Look at their websites. The records of your tests are your property and inquire at the place that did them how to get copies which include all the images/raw data.

    Cardiologist dismissed my PVC's five years ago and said I should have a glass of wine to settle me. My parents had serious coronary artery disease which killed them but he paid no attention. I've practiced good heart health all my life, avoiding their bad habits,  yet today I have advanced CAD.  I had an emergency cardiac catheterization and stent 5 years ago and CABG/complications last fall.  Family history matters a lot.

    Listen to your body's expressions of concern. I'm glad you wrote. Let us know what you learn. I've had 4 cardiac caths and expect to have more.

    Yes, too often women's heart health concerns are not taken seriously.

    Best of luck.

    Doris Edwards
    Retired RN
    Dublin, Ohio