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  • 1.  Angioplasty

    Posted 09-14-2020 12:11
    Hello all, my name is AP.  Two weeks ago, I had an angioplasty done, I had one stent put in my LAD.  Apparently it was 90% blocked, I am 46 years old, never smoked, vegetarian, but not the best diet in last 5 to 10 years.  Could have been better.  Not overweight, cholosterol at 200, but not outrageous.  Yes, I did have a grandfather that passed away in his early 50's due to a heartattack.

    Little bit more about me, I have two young boys ages 4,2.  I have changed my routine already, and started to walk daily of 3/4 miles.  But can't get my head wrapped around the fact, I had to go through this procedure at an early age.  Yes, I am on meds (Statin/Blood thinner), but can't wrap my head around on root issue, as it could be stress as the months of Covid has taken a toll caring for boys, working and my diet.

    But looking for any insights/suggestions.  As I am trying to be positive.

    AP Bhaghat

  • 2.  RE: Angioplasty

    Posted 09-14-2020 13:30
    Hello AP,
    It could be something you may not have control over. You DNA! The cause could be genetic in nature. Some of us, me included, do not have high blood pressure and do not smoke. We take statins and still our cholesterol is still high. 
    I have been taking injections of Repatha because I also have trouble tolerating statins. I tried all of them for years without much success.
    I hope the statins work for you as the injections are very expensive. My copay is 200 per month. The good thing for me is they work. My levels are down with the injections. They were not with the statins. 
    The point I am trying to make is I and my family all have elevated cholesterol. We were born with it. Then add in the stresses of life, meds, health conditions, etc, and my normal high levels to begin with and boom, a heart condition happens. 
    You may have a normally high level to begin with that you were born with. I blame my mother's side of the family. ☺ Her being Sicilian it is easy to blame them. (ha,ha)
    I would not worry too much about the things you have no control over. The great thing is you have the tools now to get better. Catching it at an early age allows you to look forward to old age. 
    Keep watching your levels of cholesterol and if the statins are working you should be fine. Keep healthy and enjoy your family. You seem to be on the right track and never be afraid to challenge your cardiologist about getting the answers to any of your questions. No question is dumb when it comes to your health.
    Find a local chapter of Mended Hearts near you as well and talk to the members there as well as this forum. Folks that live near you can give you local resources to use as well. 
    Take care,

    Richard Short
    Chapter 395

  • 3.  RE: Angioplasty

    Posted 09-14-2020 15:19
    Edited by Victor Fabry 09-14-2020 15:22
    As a past member of Mended Hearts, I have visited heart patients in hospital for over twelve years.  At 46, you would be in a small percentage of patients requiring a stent procedure.  The good news is that your were diagnosed and had a procedure at which has only been generally available for the past ten years. The fact that you've begun walking 3/4 miles a day is excellent.  The fact that you're on a statin and blood thinner should also protect your heart.

    As a open heat survivor, have learned a few things that should encourage you.  Heart disease is inherited but you are taking steps to control and possibly halt
    its further progress.  As a non-smoker, your veterinarian diet, cholesterol level and exercise program are all positive. Maintain regular six month consults with your cardiologist and try to reduce work, travel and family stress in your life. A Covid-19 vaccine should be available within the next 3 to 6 months but discuss taking this with your doctor.
    All the best to you,
    Vic Fabry

    Victor Fabry, CEO
    Greylock Advisors, LLC
    Short Hills, New Jersey

  • 4.  RE: Angioplasty

    Posted 09-15-2020 07:28

    It's early days yet. It may take a while for you to wrap your head around the fact of your new medical reality. My cardiac adventure began 20 months ago and it's only recently that I've been able to accept it (which is different from liking it, of course). Like you, my heart problems seemed to come out of nowhere. Since joining Mended Hearts, I've heard many members say the same thing - I was a healthy, active person one day, and the next day I was very ill with a long list of apparently congenital heart defects. It must be especially hard for a younger person like you to grasp, but you are fortunate that you were diagnosed and treated now, and can look forward to a future with your little boys.

    Jean McMillan

  • 5.  RE: Angioplasty

    Posted 09-15-2020 07:44
    AP, a little over 2 yrs ago@48 they found aneurysm in widow maker+did a triple bypass. Dont waste time or energy wondering why-it just happens..count your blessings  it was found and go forward.