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New member here

  • 1.  New member here

    Posted 12-14-2020 09:41
    I am scheduled to have both the aortic and mitral valve replaced soon.
    My Dr. insists on cutting thru the sternum and I do not want that because of a new job and recovery time.
    He was a NASA Engineer before becoming a cardio surgeon so he is smart.
    Is is possible to find someone who can do it minimally invasive and if so how?
    Time is running out.

    Raymond Ambrosini
    IT Professional
    State of Arizona
    Phoenix AZ

  • 2.  RE: New member here

    Posted 12-14-2020 12:53
    Hello Raymond,
    You always have the right to get a second opinion. Do not hesitate to look up another surgeon and make an appointment. Also, look online to see how these procedures are normally done.
    That being said do not allow your concerns about the new job to override your need to have the procedure done. I had my chest split open for my heart surgery and I was back at work part-time 8 week later and full time at 10 weeks. I did have an office job and sat at a computer for most of my day. We are all different and we all heal at different rates, so you could be sooner or later.
    Take care and let us know how things turn out.

    Richard Short
    Chapter 395

  • 3.  RE: New member here

    Posted 12-14-2020 13:13
    Why won't he do TAVR if it is so good?
    Why insist on cutting?
    Is it the money?

    Raymond Ambrosini
    IT Professional
    State of Arizona
    Phoenix AZ

  • 4.  RE: New member here

    Posted 12-15-2020 13:38
    Dear Raymond
    I agree with Richard; its always good to get second opinions (even if the second one agrees with the first) if your condition gives you the time. Be aware though: i was scheduled for a Key hole approach for my mitrovalve repair, but the surgeon had to switch to open heart anyway.
    There are no guarantees!!!
    Marilyn B. Rosenhouse
    Mobile: (214)850-0655

  • 5.  RE: New member here

    Posted 12-14-2020 13:18
    So have you sat down with your Cardiothoracic surgeon and asked why he wants to do the procedure that way, what are the pros and cons, are there options available and if so why does he prefer this procedure. He may just surprise you and bring you over to the dark side. Then again you might convince him to change direction.

    That being said, never hesitate to explore options such as a different surgeon. I changed surgeons, Cardiologist, and Electrophysiologist and man am I happy I did. My team works with me and their philosophy closely follows mine. And, ultimately the decision on what procedure is to be done is yours. The doctor is not always right.

    By the by, a relative of mine is a NASA Engineer, I wouldn't be so impressed were I you.


  • 6.  RE: New member here

    Posted 12-14-2020 14:27

    It probably wouldn't hurt to get a second opinion from another surgeon. If they tell you the same thing, you will have a better idea which way to go. Also couldn't hurt to see how these procedures are normally done. If it is determined that you will need open heart surgery, I would allow yourself 3 months off work, as it will take that long for the breastbone to heal. I had open heart surgery a bit over 6 weeks ago to repair an ascending aortic aneurism. I took 13 weeks off work to give myself time to heal. I'll be heading back to work on February 1st.

    Scott Woodward