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  • 1.  Hello Victor and Michael,

    Posted 04-13-2021 00:59
    It has been a couple of years but I do remember vividly my experience with ICU Psychosis and I still remember what set off the panic I went through.  

    I had 2 Open Heart Surgeries back to back, and spent 10 days in the ICU after the 2nd Open Heart...I was tied down to my bed
    and there was a room full of strangers looking down at me
    and then they started touching me.  Later I did find out this was the ICU Staff and they were just doing their jobs, but I totally freaked out and set off howling and sobbing coming from
    myself that I have never experienced before.

    I do not suffer any more repeats of that psychosis of that time and will be going for an annual checkup again in May.  
    My hope for you is that you can heal from this and have gratitude for a successful Open Heart Surgery