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Frequent reocclusion of stent

  • 1.  Frequent reocclusion of stent

    Posted 02-19-2021 08:20
    Greetings. I found a pamphlet about this group in my cardiologists office today in Port Charlotte, FL.

    I am 64 1/2 yrs old, diabetic with increasingly difficult control last few years. (Will be getting an insulin pump soon).
    I had my first heart cath Dec '19, one lesion in Lt diagonal branch, 95+% occluded. They did a drug eluding stent, and I did well for the next few months. In March '20 I began experiencing discomfort again, ended up going to ER and being admitted, heart cath the next day and found severe re-stenosis of the same lesion. 2nd stent was placed inside the first, and he also placed 1 stent in proximal takeoff of this vessel. Did fine again, exercising regularly, walking or biking 3-5 miles at least 4-5 days a week. In late May I started once again having discomfort. June 2nd I had another heart cath, doctor said it appeared to be clot rather than stenosis, she did multiple balloon angioplasties. Changed me from Plavix to Brilinta. I should note that my cholesterol numbers have all been great for my whole life. My first cardiologist started me on Atorvastatin since I was diabetic.
    Nov of '20 I once again had significant chest and arm pain while traveling in Cincinnati, OH. Was taken to a great hospital West Cincinnati, next morning had heart cath with 99% stenosis of the same lesion. They did laser atherectomy with 8 passes and multiple balloon angioplasties of the stent and areas before and after the stent. 100% open after this. They also increased my Atorvastatin to 80mg, Saw my doctor on return home and she also added low-dose Xeralto as well as the Brilinta.

    I have been doing cardiac rehab last 2-3 weeks, and yesterday started having discomfort again. Went to rehab this morning and experienced discomfort, they stopped my workout at that point. Saw my doctor this afternoon and he started isosorbide and Ranexa, will do stress test in a couple of weeks unless things change for the worse before then.

    Needless to say I am quite discouraged and concerned, as is my wife. They have talked about single bypass in the future if this keeps happening, which apparently it may be beginning to happen again. Just wondered if anyone else has had similar experience and what options for treatment were discussed.

    Thanks! Look forward to discussions in this group.

    Dennis Danner
    Punta Gorda FL