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  • 1.  Bicuspid aortic valve

    Posted 05-05-2021 16:19
    Hello. I'm a 25 y/O Male, Recently I've been having a lot of anxiety, especially at night about my heart. My valve is pretty well managed at the moment or at least I think it is. My next echo is in June and I'm both nervous and looking forward to it - either bad news or good news respectively. Right now I have a ZioXT on because I've been feeling a fluttering at night, more so when I focus on it, which is pretty hard not to do. The valve hasn't set me back physically, I'm able to do rigorous +-12mile mountain hikes without a problem, even having more efficiency than others. I've adjusted my lifestyle, albeit a little late, to help prevent certain risk factors associated with increased vascular stress, as to slow the process of stenosis. Healthy diet, moderately active, rarely drink alcohol, rarely consume caffeine, no smoking. Everyday I worry about having to get valve replacement and it absolutely crushes me to think about it. I really hope anxiety is my biggest problem at the moment and nothing more serious. This post may not seem like it has much in it but I've been just so down lately and I've been looking for a place to talk about this because it seems like I never have. I think everyday my whole life will be flipped upside down, will I be able to do the things I do now? Will I have to change careers? How long can I go without replacement? Will I ever need one?

    Trevor Stiles