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Hey from the other side

  • 1.  Hey from the other side

    Posted 07-23-2020 23:20

    hi all
    i posted about a month ago looking for ways to prep for my OHS and everyone was so helpful! The good news is the surgery went great and I've been home for two weeks already. The surgeon was super happy with how it went. Operation was first thing Monday AM and I went home at 2pm Thursday. 

    It was an... interesting experience being in there with no visitors or family support but, the nurses did a wonderful job taking care of me. And I was able to text and FaceTime. 

    Generally feeling good, walking as much as I can in the hot SoCal heat (lots of indoorlaps). 

    Really the biggest challenge has been sleeping and sitting comfortably. My shoulders get *so* tight! I think it's one of those things where each person is different so there's no magic fix. Boy do I wish there was! I can't wait for the day when I can just flop on the couch or sleep however I want!

    Anyways, grateful to be on this side of the surgery - thanks again for all the help. 

    Jill H

  • 2.  RE: Hey from the other side

    Posted 07-24-2020 07:21
    Hi Jill. So glad you're feeling on the up side. I'm so happy for you. I remember my back and shoulders being pretty sore for a while. Hope a couple tips can help. 1. It's from the position you were in during surgery. I kept an ice pack on my neck and back a lot. Also your sitting posture helps a lot too. Try to remember to sit up straight and not slouch. Slouching puts pressure on your sternum and makes things hurt more. Take care. The sleep will come soon :) God Bless

    [Carrie] [Kashani]
    [White Bear Lake [MN]

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    Posted 07-25-2020 11:22

  • 4.  RE: Hey from the other side

    Posted 07-24-2020 08:55
    Keep on Truckin' It gets even better.
    Bob Levin

  • 5.  RE: Hey from the other side

    Posted 07-24-2020 09:47
    Yay Jill, I'm so glad it went well!!!  I was wondering if you had had the surgery yet.  Thanks for updating us!

    Anne Birdsong
    Occupational Therapist

  • 6.  RE: Hey from the other side

    Posted 07-25-2020 13:20
    dear Jill: i dont  know  your body shape but if it is feasible try sleeping with a bra on.
    all the other suggestions are good too .
    Also check with your  doctor if you could use any sleep aide medicines.
    there are all sorts of tips out there to help with sleep

    Marilyn Rosenhouse
    Dallas TX
    (214) 850-0219

  • 7.  RE: Hey from the other side

    Posted 07-29-2020 17:35
    Congrats on the successful surgery.  Just remember to take one day at a time and everything will come together again.

    Terry Bailey
    Council Bluffs IA