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Language use in open forum

  • 1.  Language use in open forum

    Posted 04-02-2021 09:55
    Hello to all,

    I would like to just offer a suggestion to all who write to this forum. First, let me say I’m in my later years and I served in the military and retired from law enforcement. I have read and heard every word that could ever be used. Fourteen years ago I had 5way bypass surgery so these are my bonus years. There is an awful lot of really great and helpful information passed back and forth in this forum. However, in recent months I have noticed language being used which I feel is inappropriate in some of the posts here. Let’s try and remember that there is a wide variety of people of all ages who read this, including the Mended Little Hearts. I’m not preaching but just asking that we be considerate of others in the language used here.

    Thanks and good heart health to you all,
    Tommy Broughton
    Chapter 28, Richmond, Va.

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  • 2.  RE: Language use in open forum

    Posted 04-03-2021 17:31
    Totally agree...keep it clean.

    Michael Hinderlie
    Port Charlotte FL
    (941) 421-0482

  • 3.  RE: Language use in open forum

    Posted 04-04-2021 07:56

    I've also heard a lot of stuff and shouldn't be shocked but I would hate to have someone bleep stuff for language. I was taught that there are some things that turn people off and they will miss the point and am so glad to see others with the same ideas as me. I've had a good journey and sympathize with ones that have a harder time. Luck and prayers to those. Happy Easter 

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  • 4.  RE: Language use in open forum

    Posted 04-03-2021 22:34
    I agree that the language some people use IS inappropriate for this forum. I do understand that some people may choose the words they use to express their feelings and it may give them an outlet for their frustrations, not that I condone it but I understand.
    I would urge all who write here to wait before posting and re-read it to see if your words can be "toned down" while still making your point.

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    Chapter 296 Orlando 

  • 5.  RE: Language use in open forum

    Posted 04-03-2021 22:39
    Personally, I find this is bizarre. I think there's a big difference between swearing at someone to be offensive or aggressive and using language for emphasis. There's also obviously some cultural differences. In Australia, swearing isn't a big deal when used for comedy of emphasis. If there's children on here reading posts with swearing then fair enough - that's inappropriate, but I'd suggest parents monitor what their kids are reading. Anyway, your point is noted and I'll not be posting anything with swear words in it again.

    Wiles Darkwinter