Mended Hearts Open Forum

  • 1.  Is it “ normal”

    Posted 07-29-2019 05:28
    Hi Linda, thank you for sharing your journey with heart disease!
    I believe feelings are always ok!
    It’s the actions that may not be!
    What ever your feeling, is ok!
    It helps to know your not alone!
    That is what makes the Mended Hearts “ family”, so special!
    Folks have the courage to share their journey through heart disease , it helps them and helps others!
    Stay connected!
    Attend monthly support meetings at your local chapter!
    Get involved!
    Train to become a Accredited Visitor!
    I know it worked for me!
    Today, I am proud to say I am President of my chapter.
    Chapter 333 , The Villages Fl
    We are the new superstars!
    The Villages Regional Hospital did not have a Visitors program, until a month ago!
    They do now, due to the tireless effort of my board and I!
    Way to go!
    I believe “ the soul purpose in life is to serve humanity “!
    Mended Hearts does just that!
    You take care, you are on the right path
    By reaching out!
    Love, Bev Goldstein
    President, Chapter 333
    The Villages , Fl

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