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there are no questions here. just a story.

  • 1.  there are no questions here. just a story.

    Posted 05-13-2020 23:08
    I had CABG on 1/17/20.  Recouped for 2 months.  Went back to work (for only 3 days), then the Virus hit.  Shut everything down here in CA.  I'm self employed, so I was in real trouble.  I had pretty much drained my reserves after the surgery.

    My recovery (near as I can tell) is a bit slower than most people.  Maybe it's because I'm a big wimp -- and I'm a guy (women have a higher pain tolerance).  I needed more time, no question.  Chest wall still hurts a lot.  Psychosomatic breathing disorder (my name for it) because of the chest pain.  Blah blah blah.  Oh woe is me.

    There's a silver lining here:

    I ended up with a whole lot more time to heal.  I was about broke, but, thanks to Nancy and Chuck, congress passed a bill that allowed us self-employed people to file for unemployment (never before in history).  The timing of this is actually a blessing to me.

    I don't get to let my daughter into the house, but we video chat all the time.  I don't get to do the very personal work that I'm used to, but I still stay in touch with all my friends.  I can't go out for breakfast (my favorite thing), but I'll get by.

    I'm going a bit stir crazy, I'm a people person, but thank God for my dog.  Her and I go walking twice a day.

    Anyway, I'm trying to put some positive light on what's going on.  In my case,  there's a silver lining.

    Love to all.


    Anthony Smith
    Lake Elsinore CA