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  • 1.  Status Post Cardiac Cath

    Posted 08-20-2019 14:50
    I had another cardiac cath done yesterday.  Since I already had a cath done using my right arm-they had to use my right groin.

    What the findings were:

    The artery/vein that was removed from my left arm is very small.  All of my veins are small so that is not unusual. Even to have blood drawn they must use the smallest butterfly needle or the veins collapse.

    The cardiologist doing the cath called the surgeon in to review the catherization while I was still on the table. The surgeon did state that he was aware at the time of the small artery/vein that he had to use.  Not sure what they do if your own grafts are not able to be used.

    They have decided to add to my medicine.  I am now taking a pill twice a day called Ranolazine.  The other pill is called Imdur.

    They will watch me and then decide what other if any interventions will be needed.

    Thankfully I was not told that I needed another triple by pass yesterday.  That was weighing heavily on my mind.

    I had a chance to speak to the nurses and they were very reassuring and made me feel very comfortable.

    I want to thank this group for being so helpful and caring.  With my cardiac rehab and this group I feel that I can truly move forward and continue my journey.

    Thoughts and prayers to all