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Moderator Note - Please read

  • 1.  Moderator Note - Please read

    Posted 04-23-2020 16:34
    Hi all,

    I'm sorry I have been absent a bit in the past few months, we've been really busy and I haven't had the time to read and share. I love to see the healthy and supportive discussions here. Thank you all for giving of yourself to support each other. Mended Hearts has been working hard to find new and virtual ways to reach more members and you all are such a great example of this support.

    I want to remind everyone to please not give medical advice, and do not take anything here in place of medical advice. It's very important that we can all learn from each other, but never use this forum as a replacement for talking with our doctors.

    Thanks again for all your support for each other. I love to see everyone sharing and caring!

    Andrea Baer
    Grapeville PA
    (724) 396-7820