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Quadruple Bi-pass

  • 1.  Quadruple Bi-pass

    Posted 09-15-2020 21:21
    Hello- my name is Brian, I am 44 years old and live in Fort Myers, Florida.  On March 6th, 2020 I lost my younger brother to a heart attack.  It was devastating and happened right before the Covid lockdown which made the grieving period for me and my family very surreal.  Me and my other two brothers scheduled full testing with cardiologists soon after my brother's death.  My two brothers were ok after testing but I found out that I needed a quadruple bypass and had that surgery on June 3rd 2020.  With COVID in full effect I was unable to have visitors and FaceTimed my family and friends to help me through the first few days of recovery.  I am happy to announce that I am doing well now a little over 3 months since my surgery.  However,  I have been struggling with depression and anxiety since my surgery and I am seeing a therapist to help me through this.  I wanted to share my story.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    Brian Reismiller
    Fort Myers, Florida

    Brian Reismiller
    Fort Myers FL

  • 2.  RE: Quadruple Bi-pass

    Posted 09-16-2020 10:39

    It sounds like you're making a good recovery under difficult circumstances. It's no wonder you've been depressed and anxious, with all that going on, and it seems to be a common post-op experience among heart patients. "Tele-Therapy" has helped me deal with my cardiac situation, and time is another healer.

    You and your brothers having cardiac evaluations was a wise move that should help provide you with a health(ier) future.

    Jean McMillan

  • 3.  RE: Quadruple Bi-pass

    Posted 09-16-2020 11:27
    Hello Brian,
    Glad to hear you are doing OK. Please be assured the depression you are feeling is a normal part of the healing process. I had a quad bypass in 2015 and I too went through the depression period. Almost everybody does and seeing a therapist can be a great help.
    Sorry to hear about your brother. Heart conditions can run in the family and go unnoticed until it is too late. My own brother had a heart attack a 55, had a triple bypass but pass at 56 from another heart attack. 
    Your depression will get better as you become more active and you begin to get back to doing the things you like to do. I look forward to hearing how things improve for you over the next few months. 
    Remember this site is here for you to reach out and ask questions and know that you are not alone in this process. All of us in the zipper club are family now. I also suggest you try to locate a chapter of Mended Hearts in your area so you can reach out to folks near you and have the same resources available there in FL. Take care

    Richard Short
    Chapter 395