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Recovery and Cardiac Rehab

  • 1.  Recovery and Cardiac Rehab

    Posted 03-23-2018 10:15
    Hi Mary & others,
    I totally agree on the importance of Cardiac Rehab.  I had 3X bypass in 2009 and CR really helped me get back on my feet.  I was also told to walk 3X a day, gradually increasing to 20 minutes 3X a day.  When I started I could only walk for 4 minutes without a rest.  I decided to carry a timer in my pocket and add a minute each day until I reached the 20 minute goal.  That helped "keep me honest" and wasn't too difficult to do.  Some days I walked less, depending on my energy, but I kept moving in the right direction.  The reward was I was able to hike in Germany six months later.  Walking is great exercise and it is FREE!  Wishing you well as you move forward.

    Barbara Grosch
    Palo Cedro CA
    (530) 549-4872

  • 2.  RE: Recovery and Cardiac Rehab

    Posted 03-26-2018 16:15
    Barbra congratulations on taking charge of your recovery. Hiking and travelling to Germany sounds like an amazing reward!


  • 3.  RE: Recovery and Cardiac Rehab

    Posted 06-19-2018 12:22

    Can't agree more about re-hab and walking.  after my triple bi-pass I heard about the importance of rehab but fell into a black hole with my HMO and did not know how to start the program.  Through Mended Hearts I got into a great rehap program at the hospital and it was covered by medicare and did not cost a dime.  I finished my rehab program and have joined a nice gym that has 29min cardiac circuit which I try to do 3-4 times a week.  Its been one year since my surgery and I feel good more days then not.  Another benefit is I lost 50lbs in this process.

    Take care

    Jason fell
    Tracy Ca. CA

  • 4.  RE: Recovery and Cardiac Rehab

    Posted 06-20-2018 07:38
    My experiences after quintuple bypass in January, 2007, was how helpful rehab was as I struggled through post-surgery complications that were finally settled by lung surgery the last week of April. I realized the importance of walking but there were days when I needed a bit of push. Humor and image helped, as when my wife would help me on with a decorative robe, the type that are only bough for men by their wife, over my standard elastic ban shorts. After joking that I felt like Muhammad Ali. I stood a little taller and walked a little straighter, at least for the first few steps.

    My 50 years of studying how to be more efficient in my use of time, including teaching a course in time and motion, all support that physical movement greatly improves mental acumen. As a current writer/investor, I notice the improvement in my output when I add exercise in one of two ways. During my morning walks my sub-conscious offers insight into business and family issues, and pushing back from the computer helps during the other times. I am a numbers guy, and I like the system I learned in NROTC in 1962 of take 10 minutes off per hour to get up and walk around. The results are worth the efforts ten times over.     

  • 5.  RE: Recovery and Cardiac Rehab

    Posted 06-20-2018 10:54
    What did you mean when you said that through Mended Hearts you got involved in a rehab program? I'm a visitor for Mended Hearts but I don't know anything about a rehab program that they have.