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Aortic Aneurism

  • 1.  Aortic Aneurism

    Posted 11-21-2019 09:21

    I have been diagnosed with an aortic aneurism on my ascending aorta at the size of 5.0. My cardiologist
    says I should have surgery which I'm planning to do at the beginning of January 2020. Does anyone
    have any encouraging words going into this surgery, and for what to expect during recover?


    Scott Woodward
    QA Assistant
    Northrop Grumman
    San Ramon CA

  • 2.  RE: Aortic Aneurism

    Posted 12-29-2019 04:53
    Scott I  suffered  a  Type A    in  10/2019    mine  was  emergent  meaning   It    ruptured  and  filled my  Paracardial  sack   with blood  and  I was  literally  dieing ...  ( the  absolute  worst case  senerio)   had I live    at the Place  I'd   rented  prior to  the location  I lived when it happened differant   fire and  EMS  (volunteer  delays  vs. Career   Paramedics)  and  differant   Hospitals  too   only  6 miles  apart    seperated  BY a  river which was a county line ...  Having a full  open repair meant recovery   for me  was 32 days in  the hospital I had   pnuemonia  ( after   they open you  up anything can happen)  and  after  that I went home...   Medication and    that  side   had me   weak and  troubled  for   3 or 4  months   But   during that time   I would take my dirt trail bike to  a local park and  petal it around  to get  some   exercise,  I knew  at the  time  of my hopsitalization  I had   Anuerysms  behind  Both knees  that  were  secondary to   the  Thoracic Ascending   segment  Between  the  valve  (sewn into it but  not actually affecting it)   and  same  with the  Arch  (anchor  point ) One   of the  things   to  consider  is  potetially   the cause   genetic   Hypertension  Smoking   stress   etc  etc   because  if its  Hypertension and  stress   you  will want to  be  doing  everything to Lower  YOUR  BP and eat  Healthy and     walk ( once  your   able to  as best you can   MY   knees   (popliteal  arteries   were  the left at  2.1 cm  and  3.2  which was  Bypassed in  2010 almost a year  after the  Aortic,   since   that  time  I've  seen a great reduction in  my  BP  which was  up  in the  130-40 /85-90   (NOT   "that"  high  really)  and  two nights  ago 123/69   and  My heart  rate  was  49  beats per minute  resting ...  if your   repair is  "open"    its  going to   take  a couple  months   before  the  chest  heals   "well enough"  to  do  "anything"   but  keep in mind   any  "STRAIN"   such  as deadlifting   400 lbs  or  Having trouble  Moving your  Bowel (or childbirth)    could  cause  you   to begin leaking  (too soon)   after YOU   might find   lifting restrictions  (20-30 lbs)  Gradually  increasing  such as   2 grocery bags  or  eventually 3   later on   You and  Your  graft   and the  connection between   begin to  "grown together"   and  well   The Thoracic  surgeon   is the guy that knows  your  situation the best....  People  with   Marfans and  similar   genetic  disorders  MIght  not  have   skin  as resiliant  and  minor strain  "could  pull sutures right through  the skin  even though  they have speific  techniques to   join   things...  In My own case  I did  have a VN   who popped in  2 times a week  And  basicly   checked up  on me   in the   very  earliest   visits she  was  more the happy   to include  My dog  who was a medium  65lber on  our  walks   so  that the  dog wouldnt pull me too Hard ... the   2nd  week   ( I walked  her myself  too )  I   had a  Medic   who was a  co worker as well   who  Kindly   gave  me  some   attention and time  and   kindly  got my prescriptions  and even some  grocery  shopping until I could   go and  survive  the process...  I  found   That   depression   did invade  from time to time in my case   the  TAD     changed  97% of my life I try  to stay positive    (I survived , I am still  independant   now  10 years  later I've   delt with   Bi annual   CT  or  echos of the   Aorta,  annual  and  6 month  intervals for a couple  years  (after   having to   change   my 1st Vascular  surgeon  followed  by  the next 2  vascular guys , to   ending up with  Afib in 2017  in which   I had  6   cardioversions  and  finally   an ablation  and  I  have  been   in normal rythem since September  2018...  so Lots  of  Positives   My largest  negative   is  I've  gained  weight I need  to LOOSE    :)    there   honestly   with the  open  repair  some  discomfort and  Pain  while the   ribs  heal  IF  your  having  a closed   Surgery   then  your  Might be  3 or 6  days  in the hospital and  they will  tell you   to  chill out  for a  week or  more  at home   and  down the  road a  couple months   you  will be wondering why   they are  holding you  back but   you   will  typically feel  great  ( Too good   purhaps)   Hope  this  helps   a little......let us  know  when  your   surgery is schedualled

    Jim Sanquedolce

  • 3.  RE: Aortic Aneurism

    Posted 12-30-2019 14:12
    You faced a very scary situation, and are very fortunate to have survived. I'm glad they were able to save you. My surgery is scheduled for this Friday the 3rd. I'm praying it all goes well. 


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