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    Posted 02-15-2021 15:28
    It was on a cold November day the 18th 1959 to be precise,Regardless on  how Mother felt I wasn't ready to be brought into this world.She use to say I thought maybe you had got lost on  the way,but you found your way seven hours later.A perfectly developed ten pound nine ounce blessing.I mention this first because there isn't a substitute for a Mother.I dont take life for granted.I thank God and her for it.If you woke up this  morning count it a blessing.If you have  someone to love you count it.If you have hope add it to the above.If you have the joy to love and serve others its a blessing and a value,When my heart disease occured I tried to figure it out myself.But didnt have the skills or the experience required.And so that is what has brought  me to you.In hopes Ican let go of this rock Ive been clinging to and you can catch me.On that same note hopefully I can contribute to you others in a helpful way .I'll end this with that I born and raised my entire life in Idaho.Emmett for the first nineteen years,then in Boise so far for the rest.I would choose nothing less I love my home.Idaho is growing way to fast now.But time always changes things and that I accept rather than stress out over something I cant change.Thank you to those I haven't meet yet and lets make a diffrence in each others lives.Bless all of us,and all people on this wonderous adventure of life.                                                                                                                            Mr.Vernon D Casey

    vernon casey
    Garden City ID