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Update Post Valve Op

  • 1.  Update Post Valve Op

    Posted 08-22-2020 03:53
    Hello Everyone,

    I hope you are all keeping well. I am just back from the hospital Cardiology department and thought it might be time for another 'Update'.
    OK so I my OHS for MV repair was 10 weeks ago and so far things have been going well. Except for the Ocular Migraines which seemed to have come on with a vengeance after the Op. Usually 4-5 a day  3 to 4 times a week. Fortunately the pain wasn't that bad. But the visual disturbances where quite difficult to manage and lasted around 45 mins each time.

    So I was sent to an Opthamologist who did every test possible, 2.5 hours of testing, before declaring  my eyes were not the problem and I needed to see a Neurologist as soon as possible. I went to a Neurologist the following week and had a CAT scan which showed the Brain was working perfectly well and in very good condition, thank God. He prescribed some medication that  was only meant to be taken once the pain had started not the Visual Disturbances. I followed his directions when I had the next headache and felt pain and within ten minutes I had a significant episode of Angina. Not Nice !! Lucky I was with a friend who is a Nurse and she was able to keep an eye on me. Needless to say the Cardiologist advised me Not to take the tablets again.

    The following week I went back to the Cardiatric surgeon for a follow up visit and he said he could hear another murmur. I had already had an Echocardiogram before I left the hospital after the Operation and there was no sign of any Regurgitation. Now ten weeks later there is another Murmur.
    The Cardiologist ordered another Echocardiogram which I had today and it  revealed there is a Mild Murmur in the Valve that was operated on ( MV with severe Regurge) as well as a slight murmur in the Tricuspid Valve. Nothing to worry about according to him and the Cardiatric surgeon but needs to be checked on every two months to  make sure it isn't getting any worse. I found this news  to be very disappointing as I was hoping there would be no more problems with any of my Valves.

     I would like to ask if anyone on this forum has had a similar problem? Apparently my Valve may have been better off being replaced rather than repaired.

    Shirley Giggacher

    Shirley Giggacher

  • 2.  RE: Update Post Valve Op

    Posted 08-23-2020 09:03

    so sorry that these setbacks are occurring but it sounds like you are on your toes keeping ahead.   

    For my story, i have had the visual auras since my first pregnancy.  the ophthalmic/ neurologist said they were  hormones related ( and would go away after the baby was born ).  Years later they came back and were frequent after my heart surgery.   ( i keep recording them. ) Fortunately I only have the auras and no pain.  They are disruptive for driving , reading etc.   the doctor said that since i have no pain, no treatment necessary: just "enjoy my own private psychedelic show "
    Hopefully your migraines will lessen with time??

    Finding the right balance  of medicines is tricky.  Please check  with your cardiologist before taking anything  new ( including supplements vitamins etc) as your heart health takes priority.
    ( for example: your heart doctor  may want you take antibiotics before dental care). 

    Marilyn Rosenhouse
    Dallas TX
    (214) 850-0219