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  • 1.  Introduction

    Posted 06-29-2018 19:47
    Hello everyone;  my spouse is the one who had the surgery mitral valve replacement in April of 2018, and as a care giver, sometimes, I feel like I go through the same things he is going through.  I am here to determine if what he is currently going is part of the healing process.  I am glad to find a forum such as this where individuals are able to share their experiences.  Thank you

    Vida Fielder

  • 2.  RE: Introduction

    Posted 06-30-2018 14:38
    Hi everyone well this is Robert Villanueva I have been battling
    This Heart failure for twenty one years. I’m on my 5th defibrillator and have had 4 echocardiograms 5 or 6 angiograms. On June 03, 2018
    I got up as usual to us the restroom, I checked my phone it’s only 6:30am, next thing my wife is screaming to get up. I’m thinking it’s to early for church.
    She’s telling me I’m on the floor,
    So I getup go to Hospital my potassium is 2.8 low I stay for three days. Take the rest of week off because I’m still working part time. So I return to work following Monday by Wednesday I’m done and I return to PIH Hospital has a part time volunteer. In 6 weeks I have my 6th Defibrillator installed, I’m happy to be alive
    With 6 grandkids and 4 great grandkids

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  • 3.  RE: Introduction

    Posted 07-01-2018 09:54
    wow 21 years, that's great, it gives me hope. You must take excellent care of yourself.Goodluck on your upcoming procedure.

    vincent mahar
    Avonpark FL