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Long time MH member--Newbee to Discussions Groups

  • 1.  Long time MH member--Newbee to Discussions Groups

    Posted 07-29-2020 17:22
    Hello All:  Now that I'm fully retired, I have made a commitment to get more involved with Mended Hearts.  In July 2002 I had open heart surgery with four by-passes.  The cardiologist showed us that with the three main arteries in the heart, mine were 100%; 100%; and 70% blocked :-(.  The widow maker was the 70%.  I did not have a heart attack before surgery.  Prior to the surgery I was a long time runner and had completed three marathons.  Went through rehab; changed my eating habits over time and continue to walk 60-90 minutes every day.  Even though the surgery was 20 years ago I still remember a lot of what led up to the surgery, the surgery, and post surgery.  I would be happy to share my thoughts if anyone has questions.

    Terry Bailey
    Council Bluffs IA