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    Posted 05-23-2018 22:29
    Had cabgx2 on March 21, the following is an update from my wife on Facebook. I never suffered from depression, but have some anxiety.  My wife bought me a book called 30 minute therapy for anxiety which is helpful. Still have some pain, but bearable.  We have a sleep # bed so lying down wasn't a problem..    

    Helen Oren Lansche is with William Lansche.

    April 7 · 

    Cardiac bypass 3/21/18. Aspiration pneumonia and rei

    ntubated 3/24. Heavy sedation (propofol, fentanyl and morphine) while on ventilator for 4 days. Extubated then severe confusion for 2-3 days. Flunked swallow function test and tube feeding, but pulled 4 duotubes during confusion. FINALLY off everything and in a skilled nursing center for occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy. Making wonderful progress..