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Post Heart Attack Angina

  • 1.  Post Heart Attack Angina

    Posted 11-19-2019 10:40
    I had my heart attack a year ago (a year ago today, actually) and had significant angina episode for a few weeks after, and now they seem to come and go.  My Cardiologist has let me know that my heart is in good shape, and there is no blockage in any of my other arteries. He also said that angina is something a lot of heart attack survivors deal with and to not be afraid to take my nitro.

    Since my heart attack, I have been exercising nearly 7 days a week. My heart is stronger and the angina has all but stopped.  However, every once in awhile, I get a little twinge.

    Is this normal? My Cardiologist is not that worried, so I guess I should not be either.  But I also don't know anyone who survived a heart attack, so I am just looking for answers here.

    Scott Baker
    Cincinnati, OH

  • 2.  RE: Post Heart Attack Angina

    Posted 11-19-2019 11:18
    Well now you know somebody who has survived a heart attack. In fact so many I've lost track.

    All I can do is attest to the fact that indeed I enjoy frequent bouts of Angina and carry a bottle of nitro where ever I go. Most Angina is due to muscle spasms in the heart caused by such things as a valve improperly operating or a contraction and not by a heart attack. I call them heart farts.

    If the nitro eliminates the pain, it wasn't a heart attack. Please make sure you follow dr instructions on your nitro. Overdose can be fatal which will usually ruin your day. Good luck


  • 3.  RE: Post Heart Attack Angina

    Posted 11-19-2019 12:52
    Perfectly normal. For us LOL. My cadiologist has told me the same as you. As the heart grows more collaterals the angina should disappear over time.

    Just keep taking that nitro. I have mine with me all the time.

    Craig Ellis
    Bremerton WA