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Vegan Diet

  • 1.  Vegan Diet

    Posted 17 days ago
    Greetings - 51 yo, had a heart attack and two stents put in my LAD (100% blockage).  Although I consider myself healthy (annual physicals always had good cholesterol, goo blood pressure, non-smoker, non-diabetic, maintain healthy weight), my Dad died at 52 of heart attack.  So very surprising, but it happened.  So now to keeping myself as heart healthy as possible.  My cardiologist, primary and cardiac rehab all state a diet that is rich in fruits and veges, whole grains, low sodium and low carbs.  That's pretty much it, they say eat smart and indulge in moderation meats, cheeses, etc.  Limit alcohol and sugars the most.
    And after never taking meds, I am now on brillinta (for at least six months), baby aspirin, a stain (Lipitor) and blood pressure med that slows my heart rate.  No side effects after 2 months so far, but would rather not be on them....

    now, time after time from family and friends tell me I MUST go vegan, never touch anything with a face or had a mother ever again.  They all love me and want to see me around for a long time, but I feel that is very extreme?  I love my seafood, a steak or good burger once a week, and my daily 2 eggs vege omelet.   I eat greek yogurt with berries daily, and do love the cheese now and then.  But to rid all of that???

    What does the group say?  Appreciate the time and thoughts.



  • 2.  RE: Vegan Diet

    Posted 16 days ago
    I have heard people say to go vegan, but I've not heard any doctors say it. Low sodium, much fruit & veg, more veg than fruit (cuz of fructose) and limited dairy and meat because of the sodium and fat. Legumes are good, so long as they aren't the canned variety, or if they are, they're low sodium & rinsed super well. Whole grains, but minimize breads in general and go for things like quinoa and organic brown rice, with protein built in. Cheese, for me, is right out, which was very sad.

    I eat grilled chicken breast, eggs, and fish a few times a week. Not each, but all together. Not a big red meat person to begin with, myself, so I don't do burgers, but every once in a while wouldn't be too awful, I should think. Sounds like you're eating healthy otherwise to me. Are you tracking your daily amounts of sodium? I count mine (and fluid intake) on spreadsheets.

    Rachel McGonagill

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    Posted 16 days ago


                  I'm nine + years post OHS. My wife keeps an eagle-eye on my diet and allows me one (preferably) low-fat 4 oz. burger a week. (I had been a 3/week, plus fries, guy). We eat fish two or three times/week (including low-sodium, canned tuna), a turkey sandwich from the deli weekly, and lots of chicken (white meat, skinned). Ample fruit and veggies but, totally, vegan...? No way. Nothing wrong with it, but definitely not necessary.

                  My numbers are good; I am fit and feel terrific.

                  Oh yeah, egg white omelets are fine. I hear that opinions vary on yolks.

    Bob Levin


    Co-author, with Adele Levin, of "I Will Keep You Alive: A Cardiovascular Romance"



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  • 4.  RE: Vegan Diet

    Posted 16 days ago
    Hi Rick,

    I had a heart attack and emergency quintuple bypass surgery two years ago.  At the time, I had high blood pressure controlled by medication, slightly elevated cholesterol but with a high HDL and excellent ratio, I followed a healthy, Mediterranean style diet (although with poor portion control), and was a serious weightlifter and had been for half a century.  I was, however, about 30 pounds overweight.

    Post-surgery, I have maintained a body weight around 30 pounds lighter than pre-surgery, am still an avid weightlifter at soon to be age 70, and try to walk or bike every day.  My diet is still Mediterranean style, with lots of fish (mostly salmon, which is and always has been my favorite), occasional white meat chicken but without most sauces except occasionally tomato sauce, plenty of vegetables of all kinds and whole grains, nuts in moderation and legumes, particularly chick peas and hummus.  I love cheese but try to keep it in moderation and stick to low fat varieties.  I rarely eat eggs but was never a big egg eater.  I didn't eat sweets before and still don't.  It's not terribly different than my pre-surgery diet, but I exercise significantly better portion control.  I also cut out completely the occasional cheeseburger, red meat and, most of all, my favorite grill cheese and bacon, although I'm not sure that having one of these infrequently is a big deal.

    I've toyed with the idea of going vegetarian or even vegan but I'm currently just not motivated to go that route and don't know that it would matter anyway even if I did.  At 70, I'm content to just live out my life in as healthy a manner as possible, without depriving myself of foods such as fish and chicken that are commonly regarded as healthy and which I love.

    Hope this helps.


    Ira Reid
    Hoboken NJ