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Aneurysm - Descending Aorta

  • 1.  Aneurysm - Descending Aorta

    Posted 09-15-2020 17:27
    Hello Everyone.

    I posted on here towards the end of July  and never returned. Tons of courageous people on here.
    My aneurysm was stable for 5 years and then started to grow. Last CT Scan showed it ar 5.5. CM. That usually is the time to operate. Surgeon and I spoke and he said on Descending Aneurysm it could be stretched to 6.0CM and due to my age 84 and Underlying illness (COPD) that would be an acceptable choice. 
    I'll take another CT Scan In January and it has continued to grow which the Surgeon says it will, then it's TEVAR time. 
    I'm fatigued a lot but no other symptoms and that influenced the decision i.e. lack of symptoms. The fatigue could be From COPD, age or ??
    I'm seeing pulmonologist this Thursday, she used to work at Cleveland Clinic and wants to explain everything in depth.
    Best of luck to everyone and God be with you.

    Harry Murphy