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Info on Covid19 and Heart

  • 1.  Info on Covid19 and Heart

    Posted 04-12-2020 14:53
    Easter Bunny did not make an appearance today at my house, and am looking at
    research and covid 19 and found this on, and thought I would share it

    For months, scientists have been poring over data about cases and deaths
    to understand why it is that COVID-19 manifests itself in different ways around the world,
    with certain factors such as the age of the population repeatedly popping up
    as among the most significant determinants.

    Now, one of the largest studies conducted of COVID-19 infection in the United States
    has found that obesity of patients was the single biggest factor
    in whether those with COVID-19 had to be admitted to a hospital. 

    "The chronic condition with the strongest association with critical illness was obesity,
    with a substantially higher odds ratio than any cardiovascular or pulmonary disease,"
    write lead author Christopher M. Petrilli of the NYU Grossman School and colleagues in a paper,
    "Factors associated with hospitalization and critical illness among 4,103 patients with Covid-19 disease in New York City,"
    which was posted April 11th on the medRxiv pre-print server.
    The paper has not been peer-reviewed, which should be kept in mind in considering its conclusions.

    The NYU authors explore infer from obesity that there is a link to inflammation,
    which has been a topic of much speculation.


    Mary H

  • 2.  RE: Info on Covid19 and Heart

    Posted 04-13-2020 13:59
    ​Very interesting study, Mary.  I'm not surprised.  What is very surprising to me is the possibility that tobacco smokers and former smokers might enjoy some protection from severe Covid infection, possibly by having damaged the ACE2 receptors in their lungs to which the Covid virus attaches.  Maybe my misspent adolescence and college days trying to look like Bogie will pay off after all.

    Best to you and all,


    Ira Reid
    Hoboken NJ

  • 3.  RE: Info on Covid19 and Heart

    Posted 04-13-2020 15:31
    I am researching variables with this Covid 19, because I live 
    smack in the middle between Detroit and Chicago and Milwaukee,
    and the deaths in this heartland area are really high now.

    On a side note, my Cardiac Surgeon's office called today
    about my 1 year appointment that is coming up and I was so
    surprised to hear them because I rarely think now of myself
    as just a person recovering from OHS.  It seems to me that the Surgery has happened, Stuff got fixed and I have now learned how to move forward. Big Difference in the last 10 months and my
    attitude, anxiety and fears.
    I told The Receptionist that I will rebook a new appointment after
    this pandemic is over or has lifted a bit.

    Take care and Stay healthy Ira


  • 4.  RE: Info on Covid19 and Heart

    Posted 04-13-2020 15:47
    ​Same thing in the NY/NJ area, Mary.  Death rate is near 4%.  At the same time, I just received an email from someone indicated that the death rate in Israel is around 1%.  I have no idea why there is such a disparity in death rates from location to location.

    All the best,


    Ira Reid
    Hoboken NJ

  • 5.  RE: Info on Covid19 and Heart

    Posted 04-13-2020 21:45
    I have a friend in India and they were really low on the
    covid scale when all of a sudden it exploded and now they
    are locked down

    The Health Ministry on Monday evening updated Israel's number of confirmed coronavirus cases to 11,586, including 183 in serious condition and 132 people on ventilators.

    Another 162 people were in moderate condition, the ministry said, adding that 1,855 had recovered and that the rest were displaying mild symptoms. More than 7,000 of those diagnosed with the disease are being treated at home.

    I think once the testing gets better like in India, we will see Israel cases rise also.


  • 6.  RE: Info on Covid19 and Heart

    Posted 04-13-2020 21:59
    I was really more focused on the death rate than on number of people testing positive.  If you assume, correctly, that the number of positive tests underreports the universe of infected people, then the death rate is even lower (assuming that the cause if death is being accurately attributed to Covid rather than, to pneumonia).  Untested people remain unknown.  The dead are the dead and there is no way to underreport them.  The number dead in Israel as a result of Covid, based on 11,000 plus reported cases, was 118.



    Ira Reid
    Hoboken NJ

  • 7.  RE: Info on Covid19 and Heart

    Posted 04-24-2020 09:39
    Wow! And now that I read this I realize all the people with COVID-19 that I personally know that got so bad to be admitted to the hospital, are overweight. I know of a couple people that did not have to be hospitalized, and they are trim and fit. Really makes me think!

    Kay Lewis
    Miami, FL

  • 8.  RE: Info on Covid19 and Heart

    Posted 04-24-2020 10:31
    I had a virtual appointment with my Surgeon yesterday
    morning and after I gave him my BP, Heart Rate and Weight, 
    I asked him if it is true that my Heart Surgery compromises me
    if I contract Covid 19.

    He said, "Unfortunately yes, and especially since you have gained 15 pounds since your surgery"

    I tried to spin the usual excuses for overeating with being locked down, and too much time on my hands, and stress for gaining the weight, and his reply to me was " Just Stop It Now " 

    He also told me that to a Surgeon, gaining that weight also looks like the Heart might not be working the way it was after OHS
    and could be a dire warning of Water or Blood clots surrounding the Heart.  He then told me to watch out for breathing issues 
    and to call 911 if I start gasping for air or wake up in the middle of the night unable to breathe.

    Of course that brought me back to reality that an extra sandwich is NOT just an extra sandwich to the Heart Patient
    for continuing good health.  A bag of potato chips is NOT just
    something to do with your hands or mouth late at night when locked down with the Pandemic.  

    Thank You All and Stay Safe, and Sane 

    Mary H

  • 9.  RE: Info on Covid19 and Heart

    Posted 04-25-2020 08:51
    The highly likely link between obesity and inflammation has been studied for at least 10 years, and that link can remain tight even after a (formerly) obese person (like me), achieves a "normal" weight. For example, I developed fibromyalgia about 5 years after I'd lost 110 lbs. When I was writing for a health magazine, almost every doctor/nutritionist I interviewed mentioned obesity's enduring relation to inflammation. This isn't to say that an obese person needn't lose weight to improve their health, just that inflammation dysfunction is more long-lasting, and affects more human health issues (not just obesity but also cardiac, autoimmune, etc. problems) than we realize.

    Jean McMillan