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SF/Bay area help

  • 1.  SF/Bay area help

    Posted 09-02-2017 19:49
    Hi all,

    I am hoping to get someone from the SF or Bay area to deliver a bravery bag and make contact with a family headed up to UCSF for their son's 2nd open heart surgery (wednesday is the surgery day). I met her at a party of her little cousin, which is my son's best buddy! Small world we both know of each other and now have a deeper heart family connection now. Her little one is going to be having surgery to make a full tricuspid valve, he was born with basically a bicuspid. They're from Fresno, but have to travel and stay up in SF while he's in surgery and recovery for about 10 days.

    If there is someone able to go and extend the welcome, i know she would greatly appreciate it, as would I! Her name is Jessica, her son's name is Michael. She is working on putting her self through the RN program and wants to be more involved with MLH once she's done with schooling. She's amazing and her husband it as well! They have a 2 or 3 year old HH son. They're a young family, but of coarse with these kiddos, you gain so much years and wisdom.

    Thanks all!!!

    Lydia Howard
    Clovis CA
    (559) 917-2843

  • 2.  RE: SF/Bay area help

    Posted 09-03-2017 14:37

    I could do this, this week.

    By UCSF - do you mean in San Francisco or Oakland? Oakland Children's is now "UCSF Benioff Childrens" I can make either work. 

    I'm not sure where I get a bravery bag though, so if someone can tell me how to get one, that would be great. (I never got one). 

    Feel free to put me in contact with them too and if they need help with food or anything while they're here. 

    Aspen Baker