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Upcoming Surgery

  • 1.  Upcoming Surgery

    Posted 06-02-2018 01:08
    Hello everyone! My daughter is scheduled to finally have the surgery she has been needed. Of course I am terrified and do not know exactly what to expect and I'm not too sure I want to know.

    I would like some advice on what all to take to the hospital for my husband, my self, our boys and our daughter she is 20 months old but still just a baby. Are there certain things we need to do or shouldn't do while we are at the hospital. The hospital is about 8 or 9 ours from where we live so we won't be able to run and get anything or do anything during this time. Advice and suggestions are very much appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Jessica Harvey


  • 2.  RE: Upcoming Surgery

    Posted 06-03-2018 08:17
    Hi Jessica,
    I know exactly what you're going through. My son had surgery when he was 7 months old. I searched online and went to Pinterest looking for items that would be helpful. One thing I wish I had brought more of was jammies with snaps. With all of the tubes and wires my son was hooked up to, these allowed him to wear clothes and keep everything in place while giving the wires a natural place to poke out of. Since your daughter is a little bit older, she may be wearing 2 piece jammies already. It will still be important to try to keep them covered because they will be yanked off. Slightly larger socks may be helpful too to keep the oxygen sensor on the toe or you may hear a lot of beeping.
    I would also bring lots of blankets, stuffed animals that can be washed and other comforting items. We brought two blankets with us when we were there for a week but they only let him keep each one for a day and then it needed to be washed. Luckily my aunt lived near by and would stop in and wash some items for us.
    For the rest of the family, I would recommend bringing a Chromecast, firestick, etc. There was a tv above the parent bed/couch in the room that we were able to hook up our Chromecast to and watch Netflix.
    I wished I had brought shoes easier to get into. My husband and I alternated staying st the hospital with my son while the other was at the Ronald McDonald House (it was amazing!!) I always wore shoes around the hospital, even for the bathroom, but I only brought tennis shoes and yoga slings which still seemed like too much work for late night bathroom runs. The hospital gave me some slipper socks but they weren't very comfortable.
    Bring comfortable clothes and books and magazines. Our hospital had weird food hours so bring snacks and prepare for a backup plan (apparently people don't need to eat on the weekends at the hospital we were only complaint).
    Best of luck to you during this time. PM me if you have any other questions  (you probably will).

    Chelsey Kittredge
    Fort Wayne, IN

  • 3.  RE: Upcoming Surgery

    Posted 06-03-2018 15:49

           Odd but helpful thing to bring is hair detaingler.  Your daughter is not going to shower and hair gets very tangled rolling around on a bed.  Ear buds to drown out noise during the night.  If you crave pop with caffeine, bring some.  Most hospitals do not have.

    Robin Davis
    Madison OH
    (440) 428-2562
    (216) 905-1514