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  • 1.  Pericarditis

    Posted 05-11-2019 12:12
    Hi all,
    I'm new to this forum. I was recently diagnosed with pericarditis which is incredibly debilitating. I've been looking everywhere for patient support forums, but I can't find any. I decided to join this forum in hopes that there might be someone here going through what I'm going through, although nothing came up when I did a search. Any suggestions?

    Patricia Jennings

  • 2.  RE: Pericarditis

    Posted 09-06-2019 09:38
    Hi Patricia,

    Can you tell me what symptoms you're having? I think I may have pericarditis, too, but can't get my doctor to do the testing needed to confirm it. When I look online, all my symptoms point towards that: severe pain in my left shoulder, low grade fever, chest pains, dry cough, heart palpitations, etc. What did your doctor do to confirm yours was pericarditis? I had open heart surgery in April and they say that can be a trigger for pericarditis.

    Brett Temple
    Project Manager
    Sarasota FL