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Potty Training

  • 1.  Potty Training

    Posted 10-27-2017 10:22
    ​​Hello, I was wondering if anyone else has had challenges getting their Heart Warrior to potty train.  She's 3 HRHS.  She had a rocky start, she was delivered 2 weeks early then after her BT Shunt was on ECMO for a while and it was slow recovery.  The Glenn was easier and we are still waiting on the Fontan. She just seems uninterested in potty training, she will sit on her little potty and read books, but she has yet to put anything in the potty. But I'm starting to feel the pressure from all angles to get her trained.  My husband doesn't understand the problem (since I'm currently a SAHM). He's pressuring to get her trained so we can send her to school next year and I can go back to work. My mother doesn't understand what the problem is and sends me new potty training articles every day. (My husband works a lot & my mother is in NY so all the potty training is on me).  I was just wondering if anyone had some suggestions from a heart warriors point of view instead of a heart healthy child point of view.


  • 2.  RE: Potty Training

    Posted 10-28-2017 08:18
    Hi Catherine,

    My daughter is 6 and still not potty trained.  She was born with HLHS and had a rough start herself.  She also has no interest in going potty.  I have been setting a timer for every 45 minutes and taking her to the potty.  Some days we go and others we don't.  I do try to time how long after I give her the lasix (which makes her go potty) till she goes potty that way I can try to get her on potty before she goes.  I think it's just patience.  I know most girls at 6 are potty trained and in school, but I believe she will go on the potty when she is ready I just have to keep giving her the opportunity.
    Good Luck!!  Your not alone!!

    Erin Due
    Onalaska WA
    (360) 978-6175