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Surgery’s scheduled

  • 1.  Surgery’s scheduled

    Posted 27 days ago
    My aerobic thoracic aneurism surgery has been scheduled for December 5, 2019. After a lot of stops and starts emotionally and getting a couple of opinions,I'm not nervous, and I'm very prepared. The doctor said there's a 97% chance that I could come out of this unscathed, so I will have to add that into my factor of faith that everything will go as planned. I will be off of work for three months. The surgery takes four hours and the doctor told me that I would be in intensive care for three days and nine days in the hospital, but I'm hoping that it will be less. At 55 I have a lot of life left in me, I lost my mother this year in July, my uncles husband died one month and a half ago of a brain aneurysm, and my uncle just passed away on November 6, I believe he died of a broken heart. There has been a lot of things in 2019, But I realize that I need to take care of number one and that is me.
    I wanted to thank whoever reached out to me and said why would you want to wait and think about it rupturing, just have it now and take care of it. My dad used to say whatever needs to be done do it, so I will add that into my plan.

  • 2.  RE: Surgery's scheduled

    Posted 24 days ago

    My daughter had her aortic root replaced 2 yrs ago. The surgery was a success. Wishing you the best!

    Sara Lowery
    Marion NC
    (828) 785-2312

  • 3.  RE: Surgery's scheduled

    Posted 5 days ago
    Hi Tim,
    Dec 5th is right around the corner. i finally done my valve replacement last monday and it was successful. i was so scared until sunday morning before the surgery, i was keep debating & planning things in case i don't come out of it until something told me to call my friend's mom who i haven't spoken in a long time who been thru lots of surgeries. She told me something that calm me down and really really make me looking forward to the surgery, she said " just imagine you are taking you car to mechanic shop" i know it may not sound too much but at that moment really really helped me.
    now adays the surgeries are so advanced, they gave me state of the art tissue valve (cow) my Dr. did not recommend mechanical or any other. so far it's been exactly a week, i feel just fine and i can not believe all these years i haven't been breathing right.
    most of good luck to you and please post how it went. i'm sure it will go great. JUST IMAGINE YOU ARE TAKING YOUR CAR TO REPAIR A BROKEN TIRE.

    mary moses
    tujunga CA