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  • call you doctor Now. please share with us the decision. (if you want) Marilyn B. Rosenhouse Mobile: (214)850-0655

  • He has seen several different Dr.s from PCP to Cardio and no one seems to know ,has had neck area MRI with nothing showing  Is going to start cardio rehab this week was held up because of virus ,did have in home therapy for a while . Was hoping someone ...

  • Possibly allergic to medication or a combination. I never had a problem before, but developed an allergy to aspirin (!) after my CABG(4x).

  • Hi Peter. It is very common to have the cardiac blues. I bet that's why a majority of people join Mended Hearts. I know that was my reason. Take your time and talk it out. You are a new person and it takes time to get to know new people. I'm coming up ...

  • Thanks Carrie....I will give your suggestion a try Robert Sauder ------------------------------ Robert Sauder Cumming GA ------------------------------