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    Just wanted to update all. Cardiologist ordered a ct scan to double check the ultrasound size of my ascending aortic aneurysm. Ultrasound had it at 4.8cm and CT has it at 4.6cm so will be having an ultrasound every six months. My plan is to see how it's ...

  • Hi Drago i was recently diagnosed with a 4.8 cm dilation of the ascending aorta via ultrasound.  Recently had a ct scan to verify and it measured 4.6 cm. Cardiologist told me no lifting over 30lbs and nothing that will cause straining. Talk to your cardiologist ...

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  • Marilyn is's joyous news she can move her fingers. Deep breath. This will be slow and tedious. You've come through so much and I know you are exhausted. We're here for you and want you to keep up your strength.  We'll keep up our prayers for ...

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