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  • My wife had an ascending aortic aneurysm repaired in March. It had grown to the 5 cm level and need to be fixed. It was more severe than most, because the whole aneurysm was off to one side, rather than concentric. Her repair was minimally invasive and ...

  • These are questions for professionals.... ------------------------------ Donald Striegel Indianapolis IN (317) 786-8066 ------------------------------

  • Andrea, Thank you for reaching out. This is a great community and i am fortunate to have found you all. Beth :) ------------------------------ Beth Moon OK ------------------------------

  • Hi Beth same as Andrea I've never heard anyone mention the length of the Aneurysm although I can see why that might be an important factor (I did more reading on the topic than I care to imagine so it is odd to hear it from you for the first time) I had ...

  • Cole. I would appreciate receiving whatever knowledge you can offer. Let me know when a good time is and I will call you.  Thanks for reaching out! Beth Moon ------------------------------ Beth Moon OK ------------------------------