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  • Cole : congratulations on the new baby!!!! you gave a lot to live for Welcome to the zipper club too Marilyn B. Rosenhouse Mobile: (214)850-0655

  • Hello Rachel, Victor is right he needs to get in touch with a mended hearts chapter member. Also what he is going through is clearly depression. He may have had a stroke during the surgery. All that along with the medication he was and is taking that ...

  • Rachel : i encourage you too to meet Mended Hearts families . Ee are here to help you too ! Marilyn B. Rosenhouse Mobile: (214)850-0655

  • Pretty different scenarios then, yours and mine.  Glad they were able to get you patched up and you're doing so well! ------------------------------ Anne Birdsong Occupational Therapist Rural ------------------------------

  • Hi Anne,   sure thing, so because of my condition the flesh of the septal wall had actually over grown into the chamber of the heart which was restricting blood circulation.  my symptoms were shortness of breath and lightheadedness along with a few ...