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  • 1.  Advocacy for a friend

    Posted 08-22-2022 08:58

    Hi All,  I am new to this group and am hoping to get feedback/thoughts from others after a bypass surgery.    

    My introduction to heart disease occurred when I was 17.  On August 19 1988, my father passed away at the age of 60 from a heart attack.  He loved played golf just about every day,  he didn't drink but was heavy smoker.  That evening I asked my mother to stop smoking.  She quit cold turkey at the age of 55.   My mother passed away at the age of 72 from complications from diabetes.    Fast forward to  July 2015 and my eldest brother at the age of 57 dies from a heart attack.   Last year I turned 50 and asked my primary care doctor to refer me to a cardiologist due to my family history.  I got the all clear last October,  but just a couple weeks ago my Apple Watch detected a couple Afib events in my sleep.  I will keep you posted with my results - have appointments with cardiologist and sleep study scheduled.

    As you can see I have a hyper sensitive to the topic.   I have a good friend who was high school teacher for over 25 years.  He is an avid golfer and would play 2/3 times a week.  He is HIV positive and had a couple mild heart attacks in the past 10 years.  At the end of December 2020 he had a triple bypass at the age of 66.   This was the height of a Covid surge in SoCal, I wasn't able to visit him in hospital.  His surgery was longer than expected and his hospital stay was about 10 days.  When I first spoke to him on the phone, almost 2 weeks after surgery, I was concerned as could tell he was short breathe and sounded worse than prior to surgery.   He had some relatives with him the first 3 weeks post surgery, but he was left on his own afterwards.  He would attend his cardiac rehab class regularly.   He didn't do any further exercise other than the rehab clinic.   If I lived closer I would have advocated more exercise.    Post surgery he has developed hip pain and is stiff all over.   Its getting worse, I can see it.  This hip pain hinders him from exercising and he has gained some weight. 

    He had planned to continue teaching for a couple more years, but retired after surgery.   When we were having dinner last week, he tells me his doctor informed him he has diabetes and gave him a new medication to take.   His primary care doctor did not give him any other information regarding diabetes.   My friend is passive and should advocate for himself more.  I am concerned for him.

    The tipping point for me in reaching out was during dinner last week he said said to me his retirement dream was to play golf everyday, much like my father did.  Post surgery he hasn't hit a ball and walks like a 85yo.

    My questions are is it possible to have rapid onset arthritis after surgery?   He had no hip pain etc and played golf 2/3 times a week right up to his surgery. 
    Can recovery be this slow?  What issues did you have post surgery? 



    Tobby LLora
    Palm Springs CA