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  • 1.  cardiac catheterization

    Posted 03-19-2024 11:48

    I have an episode of chest pain last week, sent to cardiology,  they did stress tests, showed positive for ischemia and now they want a cardiac catheterization.

    I'm wondering what the chances are of a false positive.   Mostly because I'm scared of the procedure LOL!

    Susan Folchi

  • 2.  RE: cardiac catheterization

    Posted 03-19-2024 12:13

    I honestly do not think there is such a result of 'false positive' with a heart catheterization.  They check for blockages during this procedure.  It's a fast procedure but I understand you being scared.  

    Clara Spiegel

  • 3.  RE: cardiac catheterization

    Posted 03-19-2024 12:49
    It would be normal to be concerned about the results of a stress test. The next step would be a cardiac catheterization. This is routine procedure
    which I've had multiple times. It's performed by an interventional cardiologist in the Cath lab. The procedure will identify the reason for your ischemia or inadequate blood supply to your heart. It takes less than a hour and the results will tell your cardiologist all they need to know about the condition of your heart.
    Good luck,

    Victor Fabry, Founder
    Greylock Advisors, LLC
    Healed Hearts of New Jersey

  • 4.  RE: cardiac catheterization

    Posted 03-21-2024 08:07

    Hi Susan,

    the cardio-cath procedure is a breeze.  modern medical technology is amazing.  I, too, had similar feelings when I had the procedure but was surprised at how quickly it went and didn't feel a thing.  By necessity, they kept me awake but mildly anesthetized during the procedure and talked to me throughout. 

    Michael Brown

  • 5.  RE: cardiac catheterization

    Posted 03-22-2024 08:52
    Good morning,
    I understand your fear. These procedures are performed on a regular basis and your overall health outcome should be positive. That said, you may feel tired and different after the procedure. Anytime the heart muscle and it's supply arteries are involved in an invasive procedure, you may have side effects. My side effects were  general fatigue.  Soreness and discomfort around the heart itself. I also had discomfort in my groin where the small incision was made. You may also have some anxiety and other feelings of emotion. I have had 5 of these cath procedures. All while being a full time employee in the direct patient care field.
    Please plan on at least 2 plus, full days of rest before returning to work. 
    This is my opinion. 
    Randi Beth Albrechtsen

  • 6.  RE: cardiac catheterization

    Posted 03-26-2024 13:14

    Hi Susan, It is normal to be wary of an unfamiliar procedure but these are conducted by experienced doctors who routinely perform them in their practices.  I was awake for mine and the doctor walked me through the entire process,  It was over in no time with no pain or discomfort.  Hang in there and keep us posted!  Kat

    Kat Edwards