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  • 1.  Cardiologist Recommendations (Plano, TX)

    Posted 02-22-2023 21:28

    Hi all, 

    I'm in the market for a new cardiologist and I thought I would ask for recommendations. I already have a few, but I was wondering if anyone knew specifically of any goods cardiologists at the Plano Legacy Heart Center? I've had two heart surgeries at the BSW Heart Hospital. Both were great experiences all things considered. It's been very convenient to have all of my medical records connected (and doctors able to message each other directly). So I would very much like to stay in the BSW system if at all possible. 

    I felt my previous heart doc wasn't too attentive, didn't spend a lot of time with me, and didn't seem to care very much about my health. Based on my research there's about 29 other doctors at Plano Legacy Heart, so I just wanted to see if someone could help guide me in the right direction on this. 


    Joshua Blunt

  • 2.  RE: Cardiologist Recommendations (Plano, TX)

    Posted 03-01-2023 06:18

    I have been with Mubashar Kahn at the Legacy Heart Center.  I have been satisfied with my interactions.

    Mike Coleman
    Frisco TX
    (972) 302-2048