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  • 1.  I managed to get all the way here

    Posted 03-19-2024 11:48

    Hello to (whoever you are) and thank you for receiving me

    Is this how the support group works?

    Are there online support groups?

    I did fill out my Profile but that's as far as I got.

    I can't find a number to call to ask questions.

    Sent a SOS message to someone but not sure if I did it correctly, or to a person who knows about the support groups.

    I found a brochure for your organization in my Cardiac Rehab classroom at Memorial Herman Hospital in Houston, TX.

    Maybe I'll receive a reply in my email - not sure if I'll be able to figure out how to return to this page if you reply here.

    Specifically interested in long-time recovery support and related depression as I had 2 heart operations (the first was open heart) within 9 days of eachother, was put into a medically-induced coma for a month and all told, spent 70 days in hospitals. I was prepared to spend 3 days post-surgery.

    If there are online support groups, I'll need captioning provided as I suddenly lost all my hearing (Late-Deafened Adult) in 1995 during a course of chemotherapy when I was 45 yrs old. Please let me know if you do NOT have this provision but I think you do since it's now required in our world ... and I can't be the only one of us who is Hearing Impaired.

    I'm projecting to be able to join you to maybe share what I've learned but for sure to receive support.

    Be well.

    Star Khalsa
    Humble TX

  • 2.  RE: I managed to get all the way here

    Posted 03-20-2024 00:59

    Sorry to hear about your heart issues. They seem very significant and difficult to handle mentally and emotionally. I am also a survivor (sudden cardiac arrest) and have found a local support group at the hospital where I had my bypass surgery. Look for a Mended Hearts chapter near you and reach out to the main contact. Ask your medical staff for recommendations particularly the rehab staff.

    Duane Hookom

  • 3.  RE: I managed to get all the way here

    Posted 03-22-2024 14:36
    Thank you, Duane, for responding. I can’t attend a live support group meeting because of my hearing status. You inspired me to look further for an online support group, a formum where I could participate because captions are provided. I discover the American Heart Association online offerings and am checking them out
    Today, I see that I received two notifications In my email regarding two conversations going on.
    If I see this response that I’m sending today eventually appear in my email, then I’ll know this is one way y’all communicate with each other – that would work for me.
    I’d like to share this with everybody –Duane answered my email and acknowledged me for possibly experiencing mental and emotional challenges, post heart surgery.
    That felt very good and subtly shifted me in a comforting, relaxing and freeing way. I’m grateful to you, Duane and am thinking this is how it works to be in a group like this where others have been touched in a similar way. GreatFULL to belong.
    Sent from my iPhone

  • 4.  RE: I managed to get all the way here

    Posted 03-23-2024 00:17

    Star Khalsa,

    Thank you for responding. I expect there might be professional members in this site but at least we all have something in common. I had a sudden cardiac arrest and have found a Facebook group specifically for those of us who have experienced this or a loved one has.

    A word of caution is to understand that no two survivors had the same exact experience. What is healing for one person might be for another. Your future will not mimic anyone else's future. What you will find in these groups is support. Our doctors, nurses, and rehab staff did a great job of mending us physically. It's important to find emotional and mental support. 

    Good luck. 

    Duane Hookom

  • 5.  RE: I managed to get all the way here

    Posted 03-23-2024 14:22
    Duane - thanks for sharing your wisdom - just like no 2 people's hearing loss and world are never the same.

    So, members of the FB group you founded have all been challenged by 'sudden cardiac arrest' - I'm assuming it occurred in the course of your waking hours and does not include how it can happen on the operating table.

    Thus far, I've been reading some of the shares on this forum; each one deeply impresses me and takes time to process, what I'm hearing from those who ask questions ...and then comes the responses.

    I hope it's OK for me to stay in this online email group.

    I celebrate your spirit, how you lifted yourself up out of a traumatic heart event and turned towards COMMUNITY for support. 

    Let there be peace on earth & let it begin with US.

    Star Laurel


  • 6.  RE: I managed to get all the way here

    Posted 03-23-2024 16:03

    I didn't start the Facebook group. I discovered it about six months after my SCA. I wish I would have known about it much earlier. 

    My SCA was while driving (slow enough that a young lady could open my car door and press the brake with her hands). There were 10 EMTs with 50 feet of me saving my life. So many angels on earth. You can google my name for the stories.

    I found a local heart group which is helping. 

    Duane Hookom

  • 7.  RE: I managed to get all the way here

    Posted 03-23-2024 14:50
    Thank you for your excellent summary of the support available to overcome the emotional impact of the heart procedures.

    Vic Fabry
    Victor Fabry, Founder
    Greylock Advisors, LLC
    Healed Hearts of New Jersey 

  • 8.  RE: I managed to get all the way here

    Posted 03-24-2024 18:43

    Another great support group is

    John Trainor
    Richmond Hill NY