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  • 1.  My experience

    Posted 12-27-2023 11:09

    I was very sick prior to my quadruple bypass. That was when I discovered singing quietened the mind. If you sing you cannot think. The traditional meditative techniques were useless to me.

    A catheter was inserted during my quadruple bypass surgery. After surgery they had some trouble waking me, but overall things went well.

    i was released after six days due to the weekend.

    For some reason the Urologist was not available, and would not allow the nurses to remove my

    catheter before they sent me home.

    That is when the nightmare began. I set up my chair remote by taping it to a tv tray. I used a hook on the mantle over the fireplace to hold my catheter bag. My wife is not in the best condition, so I couldn't fully rely on her to help me up and do all the necessary things I needed.

    My catheter developed a leak which impeded the free flow of urine, causing a horrible feeling that I needed to force myself to push. It felt like I had an eternal and constant need to pee.

    I pied on myself. There were no solutions that I could think of to fix this. I called the hospital in an effort to remove the catheter. They gave me an appointment that was thirty days away. I explained that I couldn't live like this, immobile and urinating on myself. I got a hold  of a nurse advocate and had my problem solved a day later. I then developed some type of involuntary hyperventilation that lasted three days. It took over my dreams and waking hours.

    I tried all the traditional methods, and nothing worked. I developed severe insomnia and was lucky to get a few hours of sleep. 
    Things have significantly improved 5 months after the fact

    Michael Keller]
    Bryan Texas

  • 2.  RE: My experience

    Posted 12-31-2023 01:10

    Dear Michael, 

    I read your post and am so sorry for the difficult problems you had and the greater difficulties in getting them addressed. I am glad that you have found singing to be a way to aid in your healing. I wish you all the best. A fellow heart patient. Richard

    Richard Ajer
    Retired Lutheran Pastor
    Oceanside, California