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new renal artery narrowing after Endovascular repair of AAA

  • 1.  new renal artery narrowing after Endovascular repair of AAA

    Posted 02-20-2023 23:37

    Hello everyone, I wrote just recently about having a 4.6 centimeter AAA found just 2 1/2 weeks ago. Then my doctor order another sound just to make sure it wasn't growing and the tech saw a body of fluid and they ended up rushing me to the ER because they thought it was leaking. They did a contrast CT which showed that there was a pseudoaneurysm rising out of the 4.6 cm aneurysm that measured 5 x 3 cm. They decided to do emergency surgery because they said it had a high likelihood of rupture. They chose to do endovascular repair and said I would be a perfect candidate because I had "a great landing spot for the stent. The next day I had the surgery. Two days after I was discharged from the hospital I was having back pain and had had used a catheter in the hospital and was concerned about a UTI. The urgent care I went to sent me to the emergency room where they performed an ultrasound on my stent to make sure it was not leaking what they found was it was not leaking but that my left renal artery had a velocity of 257 which made the diagnosis that it was equal to or greater than 60% closed. At first I thought this was something that was already there and then I realized I had two ultrasounds days before surgery, and CT scan with contrast the day before, and many other test before so I pulled them up and just a week prior the velocity was 150 and no mention of stenosis. I contacted my doctor today who said it seems like something happened during the surgery whether the stent is pushing against my artery narrowing it or whether somehow they clamped it something like a complication has occurred. I called the surgeons office she was gone but I spoke to her PA she told me you can see these variances sometimes and I said this is not a variance this is a huge difference. She then said well sometimes this happens and we just watch it because it's more dangerous to try to go in and stent the artery then it is just to make sure that your kidneys are fine if your kidneys are working OK we will just watch and wait. I am very upset and I know every surgery potential complications but now to think I have to watch my renal function when I have always had perfect kidneys is very scary to me. I am telling myself I guess a stent surgery would be more dangerous than watching but I don't think that I'll be able to go through life without getting it fixed. I have a second opinion on Wednesday that was already scheduled before the surgery that I'm going to keep and share with them the scenario what they would do in a circumstance, has anyone had this happen evidently it is a rare but common thing that happens in the surgery. I felt the mass itself was too big for an endovascular repair but she disagreed~ that would be the surgeon I had to use that was on call. Any thoughts and be appreciated, I am beyond sad and stressed I thought the worst was behind me and now I feel like I just have to worry more. They said if it worsens they can stent it and it should restore blood flow but why wouldn't I want to just do that now?

    Mollie Carey