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  • 1.  Open heart surgery - day 1 post op

    Posted 04-26-2024 08:24

    Hi all! My sister, aged 41, just had open heart surgery yesterday. She had 

    1. Mitral valve repair
    2. valve sparing aortic root replacement 
    3. maze procedure to correct AFib
    4. left atrial appendage closure 

    she is currently in icu because they're wanting to completely wean her off the blood pressure meds and see if she can maintain a good BP on her own. Right now it's around 90/60, which they said is common for patients after open heart because of the anesthesia and loss of volume 

    after OHS, she went into Afib and her HR was around 80. Today, she was in atrial flutter and HR 130s. They are giving her IV amiodorone to bring the heart rate down. 

    I just wanted to see if anyone else experienced either a low blood pressure or irregular heartbeat post-op and how long did it last?

    do you think the maze procedure will fix the afib eventually once the scar tissue forms? 

    thanks for listening. We are so glad the "hard" part is over. Everything else looks great with her vitals and bloodwork, and the doctor said the rest of her heart looks great 

    Lynn Tucker

  • 2.  RE: Open heart surgery - day 1 post op

    Posted 04-27-2024 08:00
    I had temporary afib post OHS; it is quite common.

  • 3.  RE: Open heart surgery - day 1 post op

    Posted 04-27-2024 11:26
    Congratulations go to your sister on her recovery.
    Her surgery was complex so Afib and a lower heart rate is very common post-surgery. After she's discharged, on her first follow up consult with her cardiologist, discuss an alternative the anti-arrhythmic, Amiodarone. These boutique drugs have too many side effects.  I've had two open heart procedures and a Edwards aortic valve and I've been taking Metoprolol for years without side effects.
    Good luck,
    Vic Fabry

    When she is discharged, your
    Victor Fabry, Founder
    Greylock Advisors, LLC
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