Frederick Gregory

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A 55-year-old widower who has had two heart attacks and at least one AFib all of which put me in the hospital for about one week each time.  The AFib was the most recent event with occurred just after hurricane Harvey passed over us.  Due to a shortage of doctors and medical supplies I had to stay in the emergency room area for two days before getting a room.   

My current issue which is in part why I am here is that I'm in need of a pacemaker.  My cardiologist has no clue as to what he's doing anymore.  Perhaps it's due to age, booking too many patients, lack of staff to assist him, and or his lack of computer knowledge.  He was to refer me to a specialist for the pacemaker but he keeps putting it off like he has no memory of the need for doing so.  I do clearly remember him telling me that I could die any day without the pacemaker.  Then there is the battle I'm fighting with my low-quality insurance company which doesn't want to approve anything to help me out.

I've waited all I can to get something done to get my heart working in a much better condition.  I'm past that waiting point now and need all the support I can get to not blow up.